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Annual Financial Parish Stewardship Speaker 2019/2020







Good Afternoon

My name is Bill Rawls and for the last 10 years I have been on the St Cecilia Finance Committee.  I am here today to talk with you about this year’s Stewardship Appeal.  Before I was on the board I had never really knew and had always wondered, where the money that went in the basket for the first collection (Remember that was ten years ago) actually ended up.

I now know that except for the money we have to pay the Archdiocese for any Annual Catholic Appeal short fall stays right here in the parish.  Almost all the money collected for stewardship stays right here in the parish.  We do contribute to local needs through our Community outreach programs to the tune of $29,000.00.  The rest of our stewardship money goes to operate the parish, including such exciting items as insurance, heat, and upkeep.  It amazes me how much candles cost.

It is not my job to suggest to anyone how much they should contribute.  I myself use the envelope system but in this day and age using the internet is an easier way to contribute.  For me, my faith is an important part of my life and contributions to my church is how I do it.  I like many of you do not like how some things outside of the parish are handled.  However, to repeat, almost all of the first collection money stays right here.  I can assure you as a member of the Finance board we try extremely hard to be good stewards of your money.

This has always been a very generous parish.  Over the past years we were able to build up a Rainy-Day fund of $200,000.00.  Unfortunately, as we all know, it has been raining since last March.  To deal with this expenses have been cut.  The office is operating with two less staff positions and other expenses that could be trimmed have been trimmed.  Our collections have gone down about 10%. We have had to dip into our saving a few times.  We are still in the positive.  Many parishes would envy our position.  Hopefully at some point our attendance will increase but in the meantime I want to encourage all of you to consider an increase in your gift to our parish.

I believe I have heard it said that whatever you give to God will be repaid many fold in many ways. I believe that to be true.

Thank You

Bill Rawls

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