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Tests are due on May 8th, 2020




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2020 Confirmation Test 7 - 12 Grades



Confirmation Test for Students from Midwest Theological Forum April 2020


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Test can be accessed in 2 ways. 

1. Please click this link to access the test          directly from the website and complete and submit. Test 

please note:

(this test can not be saved and must be done all at once.)


2. Please click this link to access & print the test or email the test to Karen Boespflug at youthminister@saintccc.org.


To submit or return the tests


1. You can mail the tests back if you decide to print out the test and take the test.

St. Cecilia Catholic Church

Attn: Karen Boespflug

PO Box 1002

Stanwood, WA 98292


2. You can drop off your tests in the black mail box next to the Parish Office door. (Please make sure your test is in a sealed envelope with Karen's name on it.)


3. You can email the tests back to Karen Boespflug, please see email address link listed above.


4. You can take the test through this website and just hit submit and it will go directly to Karen.











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